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Get ready to change how you think about a golf swing

December 2014


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Home to Optical 3D Motion Capture

2016 will be an exciting year at X Golf School and Jacobs 3D.   April 18th marked the release of the 1st video of the series ELEMENTS OF THE SWING. Michael Jacobs and Dr Steven Nesbit have designed a collection of swing elements that will change the way that you look at a golf swing forever.  The Hub Path, Force, Torque, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc are all terms that have been lying in a sports science journal for 20 years and now they have been brought to life in an easy to follow golf instructional series designed by Michael Jacobs.  There are 2 versions of the book and video, a Fundamental Version and a Master Version.  The Fundamental video has been released and the Master Version will be available later in the 2016 season.

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There is always a lot happening with Michael Jacobs: Instruction articles, videos tips, shows, Jacobs 3D releases, books, schools, speeches, etc… The best place to keep up to date is with the Jacobs Journal. All of the new and exciting information is logged in the journal

Jacobs Journal: Click here for all journal entries


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Now in its 8th season, the Jacobs 3D Show is the ultimate arena for golf instruction evolution.  Season 5 saw the legendary “Release Show” which was one of the most discussed shows of all time.  Season 6 introduced golfers to optical motion capture and GEARS. Michael Jacobs will dedicate the entire 8th season to the first phase of the Jacobs 3D curriculum.  Dr Steven Nesbit and Michael Jacobs have organized an instructional system that truly explains the mechanics of the golf swing.  Tune in to the show for some great information.


Episodes Below:

The Release Show


Episodes Below:

Baseball vs Golf Swing

Swing Changes Aspiring Tour Player

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