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Home to Optical 3D Motion Capture

The Inaugural Jacobs 3D Class was sold out so we are launching another one on November 15th and 16th in the Jacobs 3D studio on Long Island.

The class is the ultimate in golf swing analysis and therefore limited to just 5 attendees to ensure the best possible setting to study the Elements of the Swing.

Aside from the club analysis, we will delve into some Alpha Man.

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$699 per person


Fundamental Book

For as long as golfers have been in the game, they’ve been searching for better ways to understand the swing. Until now, they’ve always had to rely on the RESULT of a swing—seeing positions or movement live or in pictures or video, or data on TrackMan. Not anymore. In Elements of the Swing, Michael Jacobs introduces the first swing analysis that looks at what CAUSES the club to move. Based on a seven-year research project with preeminent golf scientist Dr. Steven Nesbit, Elements of the Swing uses analysis from Jacobs cutting-edge new software to show for the first time WHY a club moves the way it does, not just HOW. Elements of the Swing – Fundamental Edition covers the core concepts of the Jacobs 3D.


Fundamental Video

April 18th, 2016 marked the release of the 1st video “ELEMENTS OF THE SWING.”  Michael Jacobs and Dr Steven Nesbit have designed a collection of swing elements that will change the way that you look at a golf swing.  The Hub Path, Force, Torque, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, are all terms that have been lying in a sports science journal for 20 years and have been brought to life in an easy to follow golf instructional series.  The Fundamental video is a 90-minute conversation between Dr. Steven Nesbit and Michael Jacobs about the principles behind the Elements of the Swing and Jacobs 3D.

Michael Jacobs weighs in on the debate between about using technology to improve your golf game




Michael Jacobs – Inducted into the

Top 100 Teachers in America 2017-2018

X Golf School golf lessons - train with the best

Now in its 8th season, the Jacobs 3D Show is the ultimate arena for golf instruction evolution.  Season 5 saw the legendary “Release Show” which was one of the most discussed shows of all time.  Season 6 introduced golfers to optical motion capture and GEARS. Michael Jacobs will dedicate the entire 8th season to the first phase of the Jacobs 3D curriculum.  Dr Steven Nesbit and Michael Jacobs have organized an instructional system that truly explains the mechanics of the golf swing.  Tune in to the show for some great information.


Episodes Below:

The Release Show


Episodes Below:

Baseball vs Golf Swing

Swing Changes Aspiring Tour Player


Discussing the new book “Elements of the Swing” on Talking Golf Radio.

The Michael Jacobs interview begins at the 26 minute mark of the show.

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