About 3.5 years ago I got an email from a parent in China of a junior golfer asking if I would consider taking on their junior player as a student for the summer. He had been to the US before and had taken instruction but they wanted something different. I remember a little tiny kid walking into the golf shop not able to speak a word of English. He was 11 years old.

I took him out to the range and saw some talent but a lot of swing flaws. He was a massive handle pusher, so much so that he registered about as much of mandatory alpha torque that we have seen from a junior player. I remember Dr Nesbit and I discussing his kinetics and he called him the Alpha Kid.

He was dragging so hard that he had a 10 degree inside out path on an iron and he had not broken 80 in quite sometime. His club kinetics promoted a body move that was completely de-centrated and the harder he tried the worse it got.

I did what I would usually do with that kind of a golf swing and his swing and game developed.

This kid was different, he was one of those kids who come along once every 20 years. His work ethic and desire to achieve great things has been impressive to watch.

If you have been to our golf course you probably have seen him hitting balls,filling up the range buckets, or walking my dog. He arrives every morning running up the hill for exercise and is the last to leave the golf course at night.

He has gone from an 11 year old 80’s shooter to qualifying for his first ever Tour event in 3.5 years. It is a good story and no matter where he ends up with his game, he achieved his lifelong goal of playing in a European Tour Event. Not bad for just turning 15. Go get em kid.