Michael Jacobs’ 1st Book

Keep Your Head Down

Don't Flip Your Wrists

Swing On Plane

Make the Same Swing for Every Club

Create More Lag

Keep Your Arms Out of the Swing

Swing Down the Line

Pause at the Top

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Foreword by David Toms, PGA Champion


Separate Swing Myths from Reality


Walk down any driving range in America

and you’ll hear some variation of the same handful of tips:

Keep your head down

Don’t flip your wrists

Swing the club on plane

Make the same swing for every club

Create more lag

Keep your arms out of the swing

Swing down the line

Pause at the top

It’s the same advice players have been trying for years. The problem?

In the modern game, the tips are obsolete and can actually hurt your score.


An explanation of why that golf tip came about

A discussion of why it might not be the best idea to continue to use that tip

An explanation of what you SHOULD be trying to do

A drill to try to grasp the new concept

Helpful 3D Illustrations

Each illustration in the book was created with Optical Motion Capture using the GEARS System. The book contains 3D images of Rickie Fowler, David Toms, Ian Poulter, and Greg Norman. These never before seen images provide unique insights into the fundamentals of a golf swing.

Jacobs & Webb

Two of the game’s cutting edge instructors have used biomechanical research, science and 3D imaging to create Swing Tips You Should Forget—a guide to modernizing any player’s approach to the golf swing. Michael Jacobs and Shaun Webb highlight eight “classic” golf tips and show you why following them won’t help you get any better. They also give clear, simple advice for replacing those tips— information any player can incorporate into his or her game immediately.


Foreword by David Toms

“Instead of trying to focus on dozens of different tips that may or may not apply to you — and might even be obsolete — you’re getting a clear guide to making an efficient, modern swing. This kind of teaching is the future of our game, both on the Tour and for the regular player.”

– David Toms,
PGA Tour player and 2001 PGA Championship winner

The Team

Michael Jacobs and Shaun Webb have been recognized by their peers as two of the top teachers in the game. Jacobs is the 2012 Metropolitan PGA Teacher of the Year and one of Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in the state of New York, and his X Golf School has long been one of the most successful on the east coast. He has taught players on every major tour, and has trained dozens of other instructors on the most effective use of technology in teaching. Webb is the Director of Instruction at the David Toms Golf Academy, and has worked with dozens of tour players and collegiate golfers. He also has been recognized as one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers.

Golf Digest senior writer Matthew Rudy and Golf Digest art director Tim Oliver also collaborated on the book, which was produced through Amazon’s CreateSpace independent publishing platform. Rudy has written or ghostwritten 21 other books, including titles by Hank Haney, Dave Stockton, Stan Utley and Dr. Michael Lardon. Oliver has designed books by Phil Mickelson, Tom Watson and Nick Faldo. Backed by years of scientific research and thousands of hours of real-world lessons, Michael Jacobs and Shaun Webb — two of the game’s cutting edge teachers—will show you how to replace old-fashioned advice like freezing your wrists and taking your arms out of the swing with modern, dynamic guidance based on sound biomechanical science and proven on the PGA Tour.


In this book, you’re seeing the lesson of the future, today.