Season 8 begins the changeover from “The Explosive Golf Show” to the “Jacobs 3D Golf Instructional Show.”  During the past 7 seasons of shows we have seen golf instruction expand.  From launch monitors in seasons 4 and 5 to motion capture and force platforms in seasons 6 and 7, we have seen the industry change during the expansion of Explosive Golf Shows.  As we have now turned the corner with our own system Jacobs 3D we changed the title of the show and will be dedicating future episodes to the new analysis of a golf swing.

Season 8 Episodes:

1 – Baseball vs Golf Swing

2 – Forces and Torques Show

3 – Swing Changes of an Aspiring Tour Player

4 – Bringing the Book to Life – The “Hub Illustrator”

5 – The Alpha Clock

6 – The Release 2

– Segment 1 – Release 2 Basics

– Segment 2 – Mini Tour Syndrome

-Segment 3 – A Six Handicapper Release

-Segment 4 – Does everyone ‘Go Normal” the same Brian Manzella?


Season 7 (2015) rolled out the Jacobs 3D software.  The Dr Steven Nesbit convention of golf swing analysis was presented to the golf world in the form of Jacobs 3D.  Dr Nesbit is golf’s most prestigious researcher and his work is at the heart of the Jacobs 3D analysis system.  Season 7 introduced some core concepts and led the golf industry into the discussion of club kinetics.

Season 7 Episodes:

1 – Welcome to Jacobs 3D

2 – Hub Path

3 – Golf Downswing Physics

4 – The Downswing in Jacobs 3D

5 – Phase 2 Announcement and Linear vs Angular

6 – Force Applied by the Golfer

Season 6 (2014) saw the introduction of the GEARS 3D Optical Motion Capture System.  Michael Jacobs was the 1st golf professional to install the GEARS system.  Season 6 allowed everyone to step inside inside the world of 3D golf swings.

Season 6 Episodes:

1 – Motion Capture at X Golf School


3.  GEARS Navigation with Michael Neff from GEARS



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