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Science of the Golf Swing

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Michael Jacobs' new book:

Master Elements

1/2 and Full Day Programs with Michael Jacobs

The 1/2 Day Program is a 3 hour session. Traditionally the 1/2 day session includes a 90 minute full body 3D motion capture and analysis, a Jacobs 3D report with explanations, and 90 minutes of full swing instruction incorporating the analysis. However the 3 hour session is completely customizable, if you prefer to work on short game or any other areas of the game we can design the session to meet your specific goals. When you are signing up for the 1/2 day session just leave a note in the message section describing how you would like your 3 hour agenda to be. 

Motion Capture:

Motion Capture is the process of recording the movement of objects or people. In a golf lesson setting, we place 38 markers on the golfer’s body/club and track the movement that they make throughout swing. With pinpoint tracking of the marker set, we gain a lot of information about your swing which helps explain what you are seeing.

Only in our studio do we take it a step further with Jacobs 3D. In our opinion it is the biggest leap in golf instruction since the Trackman. Our engineer and famous golf researcher Dr Steven Nesbit helped us design a program that takes the marker information and explains what actual forces were involved in making the movements.


The Full Day Program is a 6 hour session (9:00am until 3:00pm)

During the course of the day instruction includes all parts of the game with a focus on the areas that the student wants to spend the most amounts of time in. 3D Motion Capture and Jacobs 3D supplies the world’s first ever kinetic golf instruction experience and that information will lay the ground work for the rest of your golfing career.

The Full Day Program can be shared by 2 or 3 people. This will allow the students to split the cost of the $1500 day. A lot of golf instructors sign up for this program and bring other instructors or one of their players to have Michael Jacobs co-teach with them.

Range Membership & Player Development Programs

We are dedicated to students who want to make a commitment to their game and our programs. The Range and Player Development Programs are the perfect way to practice and to get a discount on lessons.

Range membership:  Unlimited Range Balls for the 2018 Season  (March 15 – November 15) $200 

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Player Development Program Bachelor: Unlimited Range Balls for the 2018 Season and a lesson a month with Top 50 Best Golf Teacher in America Michael Jacobs  $695 (available for a limited time only)

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Player Development Program Master: Unlimited Range Balls for the 2018 Season, a  lesson a month with Top 50 Best Golf Teacher in America Michael Jacobs, a 3D motion capture session will be one of the monthly lessons, and this program also includes a  9 HOLE PLAYING LESSON  $895.    (available for a limited time only)

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The Works with Eric Feltman:

The Works is a 3 hour and 30 minute program which includes:

90 mins short game

90 mins full swing

30 mins video review

Speaking Engagements

Michael has presented at some of the sport’s biggest stages:

The PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit of America, PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit of Finland,  PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit of England, The Top 100 Golf Teachers in America Summit, , Carolina PGA Coaching and Teaching Summit , Mid-Atlantic PGA Section Educational Seminars, 5 Annual Golf Swing Symposiums plus many more

Michael’s presentations are based on the groundbreaking research of the Jacobs 3D Analysis and how it relates to golfer performance. To inquire about hosting a seminar contact Michael: