The best way to understand the Elements of the Swing is to see how they work in real players. In this Master Series video, get a front row seat for a complete analysis of a tour player’s swing—and learn the similarities and differences between players at four different skill levels. This video will give you practical knowledge you can use to diagnose your own swing—or improve how you treat swing issues in your students. Aside from one of the first ever looks under the hood of the Jacobs 3D software, we introduce some brand new Master Elements. Hub Center of Curvature, Force Components, Compactness Ratio, Normal Quivers, Takeway & Transition Jerk, and much more. The 52 minute video will give you the most complete look at the Jacobs 3D analysis to date.

Watch the trailer and purchase the 52-minute video below

Video Price $19.99

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