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In Swing Tips You Should Forget, you’ll learn how eight “classic” pieces of golf instruction you’ve heard over the years–like keeping your head down or creating more lag–are actually hurting your game, not helping it.

Backed by years of scientific research and thousands of hours of real-world lessons, Michael Jacobs and Shaun Webb–two of the game’s cutting edge teachers–will show you how to replace old-fashioned advice like freezing your wrists and taking your arms out of the swing with modern, dynamic guidance based on sound biomechanical science and proven on the PGA Tour.

The images in the book come from the GEARS system—the Golf Evaluation and Research System, which is a combination of powerful software, eight high-speed cameras and motion-capture suit fitted with 26 markers. The system, which was developed for the aerospace industry, tracks the body and club and analyzes the data from more than 600 images per swing, and is accurate within 0.2 millimeters. Used in conjunction with force plates on the ground, it measures exactly what the body and club do during the swing.

In this book, you’re seeing the lesson of the future, today.

A handful of the very best players in the world are using this system to get an edge in their training. It takes the guesswork and estimates out and replaces them with facts. With this guide from Michael Jacobs and Shaun Webb, you’ll see the same benefits. You’ll get better faster.

Get ready to change how you think about golf instruction.